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Sweet Offers: Half Ounce=$150 Ounce=$250 QP=$400 Half P=$700 Pound=$1200

Oz  28 Grams for $250-300   28 Grams for $250-300   28 Grams for $250-300 

Sweet Offers On HYBRIDS: QP=$400 Half Pound=$750 Pound=$1200 2Pounds=$2000

//Best Offers// MoonRocks 28 grams $ 250-300 Hybrids QP= $ 400 Half Pound = $ 700 Pounds = $ 1200 2Pround = $ 2000

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We bring to you the best quality strains – ranging from Animal mints to Banana Strains, Blackcherry Punch to Brooklyn Cheesecake, Crystal Coma, Dirty ICC, Fritters, Gary Payton, Georgia Pie, GG4, Glazed Apricot Gelato, and Grape Pie. There are various other options of choosing fresh hybrid online as per your strength and for better stress and anxiety management.

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