Oaxacan Highland


This strain needs lots of light, which makes sense as its cultivators developed it in Mexico’s sunny climes. It requires a photoperiod of at least 13 hours per day. The plant also has some fantastic color potential and, if grown in high-nutrient soil with low nitrogen, can attain eye-catching gold and vivid purples. It has a unique aroma, and many opine that the fragrance is a combination of fruit, wood, and herb.

The Oaxacan gold features a high that is slow, but increases in intensity over time. The result is a potency tinged with a tranquil feel that lasts. Users have reported feeling vibrant and clear-minded after consuming this strain. Artists and creatives frequently use this strain and it is a popular option for those looking for a boost of energy.


Many cannabis fans often cite hints of wood and earth in the vicinity of this strain’s burn. As the smoke thickens, users may detect other smells, including tangy berries and fruit, along with an undercurrent of peppery spice. Other fragrances include citrus and sour, along with a sweetness that balances this out well.


Oaxacan Gold strain boasts a taste that many users state is intricate and multi-faceted. Cannabis connoisseurs report that they enjoy its complex nature. It has some intense pine notes upon the first inhale, followed by a sweetness that exudes a fruity taste.

Summer berries and the flavor of citrusy, tart lemons lead to warm earth, herb, and an impressive array of woodsy notes and spiciness. There are also subtle coffee tones along with a surprising floral bouquet.


The Oaxacan strain has a distinctive look. Unlike many other breeds on the market, this strain doesn’t have the blooms often associated with cannabis. Instead, this plant looks more fern-like with long, fanned leaves. However, it grows sturdy and tall, and some of the colors include vibrant reds, cool purples, and even some remarkable shades of brown.

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The Oaxacan strain is a pure sativa. It has a flowering time of 7-10 weeks due to its potency and some special needs. Home growers looking for a strain that thrives easily may want to steer clear of Oaxacan


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