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The Veganic Method for Cannabis

Veganiscs simply refer to organic growing, cultivating, and producing food and other crops with minimal exploitation or harm done to animals in the process. It is the combining of both vegan and organic philosophies in one process.

With that being said, cannabis farmers, just like any other farmers, need healthy soil in order to produce a healthy plant. So how do veganic farmers approach this? Let’s take a look at the process.


Cannabis is a plant, so surely that means it cannot contain any animal products, right? Well, unfortunately, it turns out that the answer isn’t exactly a straightforward one.

Sadly, most of the recommended fertilizers used during the cultivation phase of growing the plant contain nutrients that are derived from animals. So while you may not be smoking any animal parts directly, the product that you are inhaling may have grown thanks to the aid of animal derivatives found in fertilizers. Technically, this means that weed grown in such a manner is not 100% cruelty-free. Unfortunately, it’s extremely difficult to find out exactly what fertilizer growers have used, especially if you buy your weed from the marijuana dispensary.


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